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& Creative.

Art And Artist School of fine arts, an effective and powerful way to learn your performance arts

Passionate learning experince

Experienced Teachers

Cognitive Learning

Affiliated Syllabus

Eight Grade Exams(TM)

Internationally recognised 

With the Right School, Great Things Can Happen

Founded in 2010, ANASFA brings the centuries old rich traditional Fine Arts accessible for everyone to learn, explore and excel. Systemized curriculum, Eight - Grade Certification system. Expert trainers and small groups of batches. Weekend and Weekday batch option. Students progress tracking, feedback system and practice videos. Students grouped with similar age and learning pace. Admissions open for Kids and adults. Applicable for Extra curricular learning, hobby, fitness or for career purposes. Contact 96530553 to enroll now. Accessible locations at Sengkang, Yishun, Serangoon, and Tampines.


What We Offer

Classical dance and music teaching in its prime outlook, Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Carnatic Vocal, Hindustani Vocal, Keyboard, Mridangam, Tabla, Veenai and Violin 









Carnatic Vocal.png

Carnatic Vocals


Music Keyboard

New from 10 Feb 2023

Our Main Branches

Our Main Branches are in Yishun - Wisteria Mall, Sengkang - Rivervale Mall, Upper Serangoon, Telepark-Tampines 



Learning FINE ARTS had never been more interesting and traditional in ANASFA. Cutting edge methodologies, curated syllabus and pack of performance makes each student an excel. Each class is a growing recipe for confidence, techniques and knowledge base

Syllab That Work

Curated syllabus covering both techniques and knowledge based on research and experience.  

Tools of growth

Systematic measurement of an individual's progress and transparent report cuts the edge of learning expericne

Comprehensive performance

Performance is all about showing the learnt and learning technics on a confidence level. Year on Year, every student in ANASFA performs to get an experience and gain the level of confidence required.  

Multi talented

A classical dancer is always a knowledge base of music and songs. Like wise an instrument player or singer is part of classical performance. ANASFA creates platform to its students to reach a renaissance level performer

Grade level certification process, built for Performing Creatives, through 15 years of research and experience 

The process starts with enriched teaching from trained gurus, followed by course-based weekly training and coaching for annual performances. Proven record of students attaining high scores based on their certification exams. 



Unique Practice tracking

Curated syllabus

Get Ready to Maximize Your Learning With #ANASFA

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