What is ANASFA ? 

Shri Kalaiselvan
Founder CEO

Founded by Mr Kalai Selvan in 2010. Mr Kalaiselvan begun his music journey from the age of 5. A passionate Sitar player, knowledgeable in both Carnatic and Hindustani genres.  ART AND ARTIST SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS (ANASFA) is academic to make a difference in teaching Classical MUSIC & DANCE courses. Started with one centre in 2010, ANASFA has grown to 4 branches. ANASFA is located at Sengkang, Serangoon, Little India and Potong Pasir. 



Our belief; everyone is great singer and dancer if practiced. With this believe, ANASFA was founded in 2010 to provide singing class and dance classes to anyone who has a desire and passion for dance, music and singing. Some of our performing gurus (instructors) have even been invited on numerous occasions as judges for singing competition and dance competitions. Experienced and dedicated team, with their teaching & guidance will help students achieve a new height. We endeavour to make a difference in the music, dance and entertainment industry in Singapore and bring it to the next level. Incorporating Music schools, Music Production, and Events Management, we embrace continuous innovation and excellence

Shrimati Shylu
Principal, ANASFA Singapore
Bharatanatyam Choreographer